Tips and Tricks

Tapas, Paellas, beer and wine in the sun, with the Mediterranean sea as a back drop, a beautiful thought. We Golf in perfect weather, sunny skies and that club house beer when the round is finished. Can a day be more perfect than that?

Lets not ruin the day by being dehydrated, sun burnt or robbed. So remember plenty of water and slap on the cream and protect your valuables, their will always be someone looking to take what you may have so keep things safe and don’t leave your golf buggy to far away, near public land or your phone on the bar in some club while you chat up the talent. Don’t put your car keys or your wallet in your golf bag. Lets stay safe and have the best holiday possible

Where should I play?
On Costa del Sol also known as Costa del Golf (the Golf coast) where the majority of our golf courses are located there is courses for everybody. There are spectacular hilly courses that challenge the most seasoned of golfer. But there also are flat, wide and beautiful courses that are great for experienced or novice golfers as well as walkers and championship courses of the best quality. Here you can play golf on the legendary Valderrama, one of the best golf course in Spain. Many of the courses Costa del Sol have magic views over the Mediterranean sea and some have the backdrop of the Gibraltar cliff and the north African mountains. Don’t be a stranger to come to Spain to play golf, we guarantee that you’ll find a golf course to play that you will talk about for years to come.